About Triniti Communications


An Emerging Force in the Digital Services Industry...

About TrinitiComm Triniti Communications (TrinitiComm) is a privately-held, global, next-generation, digital communications, entertainment, automation and security company with corporate offices located in Canton, Ohio USA.

Our mission is to provide premium, cutting-edge, digital communications products and services that are of the people and for the people. Our current and future products include:

GeneSys™ Residential and Business VoIP Phone Service
Destina™ Broadband Internet Access
Nuclius™ High Definition IPTV Service
Spirit™ Cellular Phone Service
Divine Fortress™ Broadband Home Security
Spirit World™ Free Global Calling

We take great honor in reintroducing knowledgeable Customer Service and expert Customer Support to our customers in a time when most companies have completely abandoned the concept. Our Customer Service and Support offices are scattered across the USA and Canada, not outsourced overseas with hard to understand staff like some of our competition.

Our infrastructure and network is growing to span the continental U.S., Canada and several international markets to give customers all over the world access to our various products and services that are designed to be enjoyed worldwide.

Let Triniti Communications introduce you to your digital future, today!