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Broadband Internet Solutions Ultimate High-Speed Internet

Mind-Blowingly Fast, Affordable and Reliable Premium Broadband Internet!

The Perfect Internet Service for Your Digital Foundation!

Lumina® Optima® Enhanced Destina Broadband, high-speed Internet service from Triniti Communications can provide both businesses and residences with reliable, incredibly fast, and consistent Internet connectivity with guaranteed 99.9% up time!

Our Destina Broadband Internet access utilizing our own exclusive and proprietary Lumina® Optima® Advanced Data Optimization Suite of technologies that will allow you to maximize your connection and get up to 30 times the speed of your existing broadband Internet connection with ultra-low if not zero latency. It doesn't matter if you are using cable, DSL, Fiber, 3G, 4G LTE or satellite, as long as you are using Destina Broadband as your ISP, your connectivity speed can be increased from 30% up to 30 fold without paying the ridiculous costs associated with Internet access at those speeds.

How it works is simple. It is a known fact that the transmission of data has always been plagued with inefficiency and poor performance due to waste (i.e. packet loss, retransmission of data, etc.) and high latency. Historically, it has been very difficult to utilize the full capacity of a data pipeline due to various transmission limitations. Working together with some of the greatest minds in electrical engineering and communications from the military, M.I.T., private organizations and accredited universities, we have resolved this issue in a very profound way. We have developed patent-pending technologies that have rewritten the way data is transmitted in order to utilize almost 100% of the available bandwidth spectrum to virtually eliminate packet loss and other forms of data transmission loss. The result is an unimaginably more stable, responsive and faster Internet connection functioning on the exact same broadband infrastructure already in place nationwide.

Upon launch of this revolutionary technology, every Destina Broadband customer will receive a Destina Lumina Enhanced wireless modem, antenna, MiFI or dongle to capture and decode the Lumina enhanced data signal. Your blazing-fast Lumina Internet access will then be distributed wired or wirelessly to all of your Internet-ready devices and appliances. The result is unparalleled and mind-blowingly fast Internet connectivity delivering the exceptional reliability, speed, and security you demand from a premier Internet Service Provider (ISP). And the best part is that Nuclius HDTV, Spirit Mobile and Divine Fortress are designed to work flawlessly with your Destina Lumina Enhanced devices.

Since most of our current and future digital products and services require a fast, secure, always-on connection, it only made sense to make sure we provide our customers with one of the best, most cutting-edge Internet access solutions available on the market for today and tomorrow.

Get ready for the ultimate Internet access experience with Destina Lumina Optima-Powered broadband Internet.

The Destina Broadband Advantage!

  • Enhance Your Cable, Satellite, DSL and Fiber Internet Access and Save Big Money
  • Fast Consistent Speeds of 30% to up to 30 Times Your Existing Speed
  • Utilizes Your Existing Broadband Internet Infrastructure
  • High-Performance Nationwide Private Enhanced Wired and Wireless Broadband Network
  • Ultra-Low Latency for an Ultra Responsive Internet Experience (Perfect for Gaming and Video Conferencing)
  • Superior and Knowledgeable North America-Based Customer Support 24x7x365
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