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People are completely fed up with the rising cost and often deteriorating service provided by our local cable and satellite TV providers. Up until now there has been little to no viable alternatives for these services because these companies have either monopolized their markets or are in markets where all of the competition is just more of the same with a different name. Well, all of this is about to change in an extremely profound way. And just how profound you might ask? Very.
#Triniti Communications will soon be unveiling our revolutionary, completely portable, High Definition IPTV service that will provide you with access to hundreds of standard and premium HD television channels, 3D* TV channels, thousands of Internet TV channels, Video-On-Demand, Pay Per View, HD Cloud-based DVR functionality, digital music channels, HD movie and TV show rentals/sharing, web browsing and much, much more. Enjoy it all in stunning 720p, 1080i and even 1080p HD format, streamed directly across your high-speed Internet connection to your HDTV. Watch the brief 5 minute video of our revolutionary technology.
Change is coming and it is called Nuclius™. Nuclius will completely revolutionize the way you think about and use digital entertainment, communications, security and automation technology in and around your home. Take a look of our sleek and sophisticated Nuclius Hybrid Media Gateway (HMG) device family. Click the collage image for a closer look.
# Nuclius Ursa Nuclius Electra Nuclius Scrybe Wireless Keyboard
#Hundreds of Standard and Premium HD Channels:
Just like Netflix® uses the power of the Internet to deliver premium HD content to your Netflix-powered devices, you will be able to enjoy hundreds of your favorite live TV channels in High Definition at up to 1080p, right across your Broadband Internet connection to your Nuclius-powered devices. Enjoy HD local channels like CBS, Fox and NBC, HD cable channels like Discovery, Nat Geo and TNT, and HD premium channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz and many more. (OTB)
Thousands of Internet Television Channels:
Enjoy online Internet-based TV channels from all around the world for easy and comfortable viewing on your TV. In addition, enjoy online video content like Hulu™, YouTube™ and Netflix® right on your TV in HD as well. (OTB) # Unlimited Cloud-Based Storage
Our Unlimited Oort® Cloud storage will give you all the space you need for hours and hours of HD content recording and storage. Use the integrated Micro SD slot, an external USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive to store your music, photos, movies and more for immediate local access. (OTB) The available high-speed USB 3.0 connection will allow you to attach any external hard drive for more local storage if needed. (Cosmos Electra Only) (OTB)
Powerful Program Guide with Cloud-Based DVR:
Our full-featured On-Screen Menu and Program Guide will allow you to power search for the content you want and even schedule and record that content with our advanced cloud-based HD DVR technology. Remote scheduling from any web browser, tablet or your Spirit Mobile Smartphone will be possible as well. (OTB)

Completely Portable HDTV Service:
Now you can take your HDTV service with you anywhere in the world just like you can with our GeneSys Digital Phone service. All you need is a high-speed wired or wireless Internet connection and you can watch TV in HD from anywhere in the world just like you were at home. Try doing that with your cable or satellite company. (OTB) #
#Blu-Ray and DVD Playback
Integrated multi-format, premium Blu-Ray™ (in Cosmos Ultimate® model only) or premium DVD player (in Cosmos Nebula® model). Both Nuclius devices can read multiple CD and DVD formats. (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-R, Dual and Double Layer Dad's) Cosm.os Ultimate can read BD-RE and BD-R formatted media in addition to retail Blu-Ray media as well. (OTB)
#One Nuclius Device For Each TV
All you need is just one Nuclius Ursa™ device (pictured on right) on all of your HDTVs for an awesome and personalized viewing experience. These Ursa devices "orbit" and communicate with our main Nuclius Command Center using our own exclusive Orbyt™ technology to provide an unparalleled HD entertainment and communications experience. All of your personal settings, preferences, apps, widgets and other customizations are stored in our secure Orbyt Cloud so you can enjoy the same experience in any room or on any TV/projector you connect your Nuclius to worldwide. Despite their tiny size, Nuclius Ursa's are incredibly powerful devices. Powerful enough to process and stream 1080p video, PCM and Surround Sound audio simultaneously without as much as a hiccup. (OTB)

View Live TV and DVR Content While Mobile
Using your Spirit Mobile service or Wi-Fi, you can enjoy live TV, DVR content, music, photos, videos, movie rentals and more from your Spirit Smartphone or Tablet from almost anywhere in the world for on-the-go viewing. This same content can also be securely accessed and enjoyed worldwide on your laptop or PC via any web browser as well. (ITF)

Record Programs Without Commercials: With Nuclius, you have the option of recording your HDTV content with or without the commercials to save disk space and eliminate the guessing game of when the commercials end and your show resumes. (OTB)
Integrated Premium Digital Phone Service:
Integrated into our Nuclius software, enjoy your GeneSys Digital Phone service so you can make and receive calls using your TV, remote control, Bluetooth earpiece or home theater system. Enjoy Caller ID, Click to dial, Call redirect and Call reject, Voice mail redirect, Personal phone directory, Call logs, and Message waiting indicator for the ultimate calling experience. You can even listen to your voicemail through the TV, audio system or Bluetooth as well. (OTB) #
Several Packed Program Package Options:
We have five Programming Packages to suit all viewing tastes. All packages are extremely competitive and will provide you with much more bang for your viewing buck, The package names are Aurora (basic), Spectra, Quasar, Galaxy and Celestial. The package channel lineups are still in development and will be available on our web site closer to the Nuclius official launch. (OTB) #
#Powerful Video Conferencing:
The ultimate in powerful video conferencing comes standard. Using a Bluetooth earpiece, USB microphone, USB camera and our GeneSys Digital Phone service, you can enjoy real-time video conferencing in full color with other Nuclius users located anywhere in the world right on your TV. No special phones or hardware are required. With Nuclius's Instant Messaging (IM) capabilities you can text-message/chat with other Nuclius at anytime, even while watching video content. (OTB)
#Integrated Home Security:
Our Divine Fortress Broadband Home Security solution will be integrated into your Nuclius for video surveillance of the premises locally right through your TV and remotely right through a PC, laptop or your Spirit Smartphone or Tablet. This is the next generation of home security service with 24 hour monitoring and the whole nine. (ITF)
Premises Access Control:
Our FacePoint Biometric Keyless Entry product from our sister company will be tightly integrated into your Nuclius for viewing doors around your home on your TV, Spirit Smartphone or Tablet. #
You can even "buzz" people in without leaving your seat. This same system will allow you to access your home without keys with the simple touch of a finger or scan of your face. (ITF)
HVAC and Lighting Automation:
Your Nuclius will also be able to integrate with, control and manage compatible heating, air conditioning and lighting devices in and around your home locally on your TV a.nd even remotely via your Spirit Smartphone Mobile Device # Your Nuclius will also be able to integrate with, control and manage compatible heating, air conditioning and

lighting devices in and around your home locally on your TV screen and even remotely via your Spirit Smartphone or Tablet, PC or laptop. (ITF)

Browse The Web On Your TV:

Surf the web just like on your computer right on Nuclius with our integrated web browser. (OTB)

Access The Media On Your PC/Laptop:
Your Nuclius will act as a wireless or wired DLNA receiver allowing you to access all of your movies, music, photos and more from all of the DLNA compatible devices inside your local network. (ITF)

Premium Music & Pay Per View:
Enjoy dozens of On Demand CD-quality music channels and live Pay Per View events right on your Nuclius. (OTB))

Shop Online From Your Couch:
Secure online shopping, custom user profiles, interactive advertising, your local weather and much more awaits you in the Nuclius universe. (OTB)
Rent & Buy Your Favorite Movies:
Every night is movie night! Using our advanced media distribution engine, streaming or download, you will have access to tens of thousands of HD & SD movies to Buy, Rent, Share and even Give as a Gift to other Nuclius users. No more trips to the video store and no more late fees. Enjoy a growing selection of movie and TV series titles from new releases to the classics. Have a great show or movie you want to share on Facebook or Twitter, or want to recommend or give as a gift to friends and family? You can do this with ease using our cutting-edge new system. You can also rent movies through any web browser and from your Spirit Smartphone or Tablet while away from home so they will be downloaded and ready for viewing when you get home. (OTB)

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